I work with a wide range of clients (children, adolescents and adults) with a range of issues: PTSD, trauma, bereavement, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and addictions.

My art therapy practice is based on an eclectic theoretical orientation, influenced by psychoanalytical theories of development, with a strong foundation in humanism, and informed by postmodern, multi-cultural, feminist approaches.

My practice is an eclectic approach to art therapy based on diversity, flexibility, and innovation. My eclectic approach uses art therapy to drive change; where the artwork becomes a mirror of the client’s inner world and transforms inner tension to envision new possibilities. Exploring different aspects of the artwork can help a client see the world in different perspectives and start exploring different ways of being. The artwork facilitates healing.

Establishing safety, acceptance, and trust are essential. 

I practice within a feminist, multi-cultural perspective examining the dysfunctional and harmful reinforcement of gender roles and inequalities in the political, economic, and social arenas.



My art therapy practice will open in the Fall 2021.

Please send me an email at artwithdomenica@gmail.com if you would like to join my waitlist.


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