Art therapy groups provide an atmosphere of emotional safety, artistic contagion and facilitate healing in community.

Please send me an email at if you’re interested in starting an Art Therapy Group or to join the waitlist for my next online group or see if you qualify for any of the current groups I offer on the North Shore.

Regular Groups run for 6 weeks, 2hrs/week. Fee $150/per person for the six weeks. I also work for non-profits that may be able to subsidize payment.

Send me an email at

“In the context of a supportive relationship, making images and thinking and feeling in images, which among other things involves the use of the imagination and the taking of risks, can further a person’s emotional growth, self-esteem, psychological and social integration” (Edwards, 2004, p. 8).

Current Groups:

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Edwards, D. (2004). Art therapy (pp. 11-27). Sage Publications.